10th Asia Pacific drying conference 2019

Integrating innovations with cost  effectiveness for competing drying technologies


Papers are invited on the following themes. This list is not all-inclusive.



Fundamentals, modelling  and simulation

Physical properties and product quality

Industrial processes and equipment

Measurement and process control

Process intensification

Drying of gases and liquids

Drying of powdered solids

Drying of biomass for energy applications

Energy and environmental issues

Drying of food and agricultural materials

Drying of biological and pharmaceuticals materials

Drying of chemicals and polymers

Drying of wood, pulp and paper, and forest products

Integration of drying with other unit operations

Osmotic dehydration and dewatering

Novel drying technologies, R&D opportunities



(Two Panel Discussions on Academia-Industry Interactive R&D, Networking and Collaboration in Drying R&D)


After the conference, individual scientific team of the 10th ADC will select high quality articles of archival and recommend for the possible submission to “Drying Technology” journal for publication in a special issue upon successful peer review.  Also, selected quality papers on legume and legume products will be recommended for possible publication in a special issue on Legume Drying in “Legume Science” journal published by Wiley.

Azharul Karim
Associate Professor 

Assistant Editor: Drying Technology

Mechanical Engineering, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Title of Lecture:

Advanced intermittent microwave convective drying (IMCD) method to improve energy efficiency and food quality

Juming Tang

Regents Professor

Distinguished Chair of Food Engineering

Chair, Department of Biological Systems Engineering

Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Title of Lecture:

Control of food pathogens in low moisture foods

Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy

Department of Food Science

McGill University, Canada
Title of Lecture:

Microwave osmotic dehydration

Vijaya Raghavan,

James McGill Professor

Department of Bioresource Engineering Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Macdonald Campus, McGill University

Title of Lecture:

Capacity Building for Sustainable Food Security and Safety

Shyam S. Sablani

Professor and Associate Department Chair

Biological Systems Engineering

Washington State University

Pullman, WA

Title of Lecture:

Rational design of encapsulated systems for improved oxidative stability of micronutrients

Digvir S. Jayas

Vice-President (Research and International) and Distinguished Professor, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, Canada 

Title of Lecture:

Role of Industry-University Partnerships for the Benefit of Society

Venkatesh Meda


Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

College of Engineering

University of Saskatchewan, Canada


Hong-Wei Xiao

Faculty Member, Food Science and Technology

College of Engineering, China Agricultural University,  Beijing, China

Title of Lecture:

Drying R&D in China: an Overview

Yoshinori Itaya


Environmental and Renewable Energy

Systems Division

(Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Gifu University, Japan


Peng Xu


Department of Physics

China Jiliang University, China


Narendra Narain


Department of Food Technology, Coordinator -Post-Graduate Program in Food Science & Technology, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil.

Title of Lecture:

Challenges in Aroma Retention in Dehydrated Tropical Fruits

J. B. Naik

Professor and Director

University Institute of Chemical Technology,

Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari

North Maharashtra University,
Jalgaon- 425 001 (M. S.), INDIA


Gurmeet Singh

Professor and Center Head

Trans Disciplinary University

Bengaluru Area, India

Ex-Global R & D Director, Unilever

Title of Lecture:

Drying of Botanicals for Functionality Retention and Value Addition

C. Anandharamakrishnan


Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT)

Ministry of Food Processing Industries Government of India

Thanjavur - India 613 005

Shahabaddine Sokhansanj


Chemical and Biological Engineering Department

The University of British Columbia


Title of Lecture:

Physical and Drying Properties of Western Red Cedar Compared to Wood Chips from Other Species

YOSHII, Hidefumi


The Faculty of Agriculture and the Graduate School of Agriculture

Kagawa University, Japan


Prof. A. S. Mujumdar

Department of Chemical Engineering

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Title of Lecture:

Innovation in Drying Technologies- Status, Needs and Opportunities  

Confirmed PlEnary SpeakerS

Sankar Bhattacharya, Ph.D.


Department of Chemical Engineering

Monash University, Australia

Title of Lecture:

Coal Drying and Dewatering for Power Generation – Current status, Research and Development Needs

Bijal Mathkar

Director, Research & Innovation

Solvay Research and Innovation Center

Vadodara, India

Title of Lecture:

Where digitization can play a role in Bench to Industrial Scale up of Dryers

Timothy Langrish


School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

The University of Sydney, Australia

Title of Lecture:

Pushing the boundaries in powder production with

new spray dryer design

Confirmed KEYNOTE Speakers

Prof. B. N. Thorat

Director, Institute of Chemical Technology, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India

Title of Lecture:

Drying R&D in Asia Pacific Region: Status and Challenges       

Dr. Kamlesh Patel

Product Development Technologist

Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

Title of Lecture:

Industrial spray drying of dairy materials - current challenges and new directions for R&D.