10th Asia Pacific drying conference 2019

Integrating innovations with cost  effectiveness for competing drying technologies


June 10, 2019                      Extended deadline for abstract submission

June 12, 2019                      Notification of abstract acceptance

September 30, 2019            Extended deadline for submission of manuscript

October 10, 2019                Final notification of manuscript acceptance

October 31, 2019                Deadline for early bird registration

November 30, 2019            Final deadline for registration

December 14-17, 2019       Conference

Please download the manuscript template and email your file to info@adc-2019.org with cc to deepisakthi29@gmail.com before the deadline. Please do not convert the file in PDF.  If file doesn’t open, please click here to download the Word 97 - 2003 template.

We are inviting authors to prepare original articles, state of the art reviews, or case studies for the 10th Asia Pacific Drying Conference.

The Professor Arun S. Mujumdar (ASM) Medal is a unique award established in 2007 to recognize outstanding researchers who have provided lifelong mentorship and contributions to the drying research community. Since its inception, this awarded has been bestowed upon 12 eminent drying researchers worldwide. In 2017, Professor Xiao Dong Chen of Soochow University was selected by the 9th Asia-Pacific Drying Conference (ADC 2017) Major Awards Committee to receive this prestigious award.


Innovation in drying technology





Awards Committee


Prof. A. S. Mujumdar, McGill University, Canada


Prof. S. Paria, NIT Rourkela, India

Prof. B N Thorat, ICT Mumbai, India

Prof. Juming Tang, WSU, USA

Prof. G. H. Chen, HKUST, Hong Kong

Prof. Hong-Wei Xiao, China Agricultural University, China

Prof. Meng Wai Woo, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. P. P. Sutar, NIT Rourkela, India



Please click on the award to download the application form.

ADC 2019 awards

Professor Arun S. Mujumdar (ASM) Medal

Abstract and manuscript submission

December 14, 2019     

                                            17:00 to 18:00                Welcome and Registration 


December 15, 2019     

                                            08:00 to 09:00                Registration Desk Opens

                                            09:00 to 09:30                Opening Ceremony

                                            09:30 to 10:30                Plenary lecture

                                            10:30 to 11:30                Tea/Coffee Break and Poster Session

                                            11:30 to 13:30                Oral Sessions

                                            13:30 to 15:00                Lunch Break

                                            15:00 to 16:30                Oral Sessions

                                            16:30 to 17:30                Tea/Coffee Break and Poster Session


December 16, 2019     

                                            09:00 to 10:00                Plenary lecture

                                            10:00 to 11:00                Tea/Coffee Break and Poster Session

                                            11:00 to 13:00                Oral Sessions

                                            13:00 to 14:30                Lunch Break

                                            14:30 to 16:00                Oral Sessions

                                            16:00 to 17:00                Tea/Coffee Break and Poster Session


December 17, 2019     

                                            09:00 to 10:30                Oral Sessions

                                            10:30 to 11:30                Tea/Coffee Break and Round Table Meetings

                                            11:30 to 12:00                Closing Ceremony


Program coverage:

Poster and Oral Presentations: 120 nos.

Large Size Halls: 02 nos.

Board rooms: 02 nos.

(Note: The above program is tentative and there may be a minor change in the final program)